This is my blog. But it's not an ordinary blog. It's a math blog. What the hell?

See, I'm very terrible at math. There are many reasons for this, most of which I'll probably delve unnecessarily deeply into as time goes on and I make more posts... which brings me to the purpose behind creating this blog.

I am going to attempt to re-create in this blog what I've learned in the classroom in my own words, on a daily basis. That means there will be little formality, and many errors. I will likely blend theory with practice in an attempt to create processes for each concept that will peacefully coexist with my brain so that I can get through the next test. What does this mean to you?

Because this is a personal blog, most of my comments will be written by me, to myself. This will produce a format that allows each concept a chance to become progressively clearer as time goes on. If you happen to come across this blog, I welcome your comments, even if you're complaining about some idiotic thing I've written. I have no problem with any input as far as the math goes, as long it is relative to the post itself.

The goal here is to find a way to learn the material, nothing more. I don't expect to gain amazing insight, I don't expect to become an amazing math student (although I'm not opposed to the idea). I just want to learn the processes as well as I possibly can with the amount of time I have to spend on learning it, which is pitifully little between work and my other classes. If you can help me do that, great!


[I gave up on the Math blog]

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  1. Justin Hunt says:

    I wanna hear stories about the sister, itemized, categorized and in numbered fashion.
    Make this dream a reality!
    PS your /home is not encrypted and Ubuntu blows SUSE-y nuts

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